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ann curtis kiester.

13 march 1965-17 july 1982.

identical twin sister. sister. daughter. girlfriend. best friend to many. inspiration to others. painter. potter. collage artist. cartoonist. budding graphic designer. singer. journal keeper. intellect. sarcastic. tidy. funny. silly. perfect teeth that were all the same length and size. well manicured always. dreamer. realist. non-driver. driven. focused. perfectionist. devoted. real.

dead. but very much alive inside of me.


katherine “katy” emma macieski.

1 september 1965-17 july 1982.

best friend. daughter. sister to many. aunt to more. owner of a zillion pets. funny. glib. sarcastic. beautiful. preppy in her genetic makeup. talented. witty. intelligent. hysterical. crystal blue irish eyes. tall and skinny. game for anything. messy. owner of vintage VW bug that matched her eyes. dedicated. real.

dead but very much alive inside of me.


‘there is a land of the living, and a land of the dead, and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.’



  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    I visited your shop last month and loved it. I bought some dresses and bracelets. I love how you are choosing to live, very beautiful. I decided to google “wanderlust” to recommend to a friend. I found your blog, which is very honest and quite similar to what I have been experiencing.
    Thanks for your generosity.

  2. Bitsy– they are with me always ! I loved them then and I love them now. Too many years have passed and they remain the same, loving, brillant, innocent, smart, beautiful, talented, and amazing. A friend recently lost her teenage daughter in a tragic car accident, I wept for her now as a mother who can’t imagine going on without her child. I remember Ann and Katy as the friends that I will forever cherish. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Not surprised but tremendously proud. Love– MAHA

  3. May the universe continue to put many pillows around you to cushion all that you are carrying in your enormously big heart.

  4. elizabeth, please come back! your blog is amazing. the world needs your words!

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